By Karen Scott

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A little about me.... 

I'm a wife and mother of 3 children (you guessed it, their names begin with "P").  Since middle school I was intrigued with the art of photography and I took a few classes.  It wasn't until after my daughter was born though that I got serious with it.  I've worked with a few very incredibly talented people who taught me a few things and I continue to learn and experiment!  I love capturing and making beautiful images and more importantly, beautiful moments.  I am capturing just a tiny piece of history.  Once a moment is gone, it's gone but a picture can last forever.

I love the art of lifestyle portraiture photography, be it weddings or babies.  I'm laid back and like to have fun no matter who or what I'm photographing.  I love when my clients come to a session and know they can relax and be themselves.

​Can't wait to capture a little piece of your history for you!